6 Successful Ways to Grow as an Entrepreneur

27 Feb
February 27, 2017

Entrepreneurship can be exciting, daunting, exhilarating and terrifying – and that’s just the first day. For those who’ve embraced the thrill of striking out on their own, there’s often a steep learning curve to follow before you can truly feel as if you’re on top of things. Innate qualities may mean an easier transition to running your own business, but most of what makes a good entrepreneur can be learned. Our six tips can help you focus on the areas that present the biggest challenges to have you working smarter and feeling more in control.

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3 Things You Need To Know About The AIB DBA

24 Feb
February 24, 2017

As an internationally recognised doctoral qualification, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is fast becoming a popular study option for professionals. Known to equip candidates with skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and decision-making, its research-based curriculum is of great relevance to today’s business environment. The DBA delves further into research than the MBA, allowing candidates to make a contribution towards professional practice or policy. If you’d like to learn more about the AIB DBA programme, see below for some of the key points of difference. Read more →

4 Ways to Use Gamification in the Workplace

24 Feb
February 24, 2017

In 2013, the Gallup report on the “State of the Global Workplace” found that only 24% of Australasian employees are considered engaged in their jobs. Every manager knows that a checked-out team is bad for everyone, but how do you maintain morale? Enter gamification.

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6 Key Steps To Enrol In The AIB MBA

22 Feb
February 22, 2017

As the MBA is no ordinary degree, every school’s enrolment process encompasses several steps to ensure that only the most suitable students can proceed. To enrol in the AIB MBA in particular, there are six steps that every potential student must carry out. These steps are detailed, however one of AIB’s expert Course Advisors will be there to guide you each step of the way. If you’re looking to enhance your career through the MBA programme, the below six steps provide an outline for enrolling with AIB.

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AIB Featured Business Leader – Peter Thiel

21 Feb
February 21, 2017

Peter Thiel, the tech billionaire who has been in the headlines for everything from his entrepreneurial projects to his iconoclastic politics, is one of Silicon Valley’s best known personalities. As one of PayPal’s founders and the first outside investor in Facebook, he’s worth around $2.7 billion. He’s a libertarian who threw his support behind Donald Trump in the 2016 US election, a practicing Christian who is openly gay, and he believes that technology holds the key to immortality. Recent headlines have centered on his bankrolling of a lawsuit that saw Gawker Media file for bankruptcy, which he considers a ‘philanthropic act’, but it’s neither the first nor the last time that the outspoken billionaire has used his wealth to further his ideological beliefs. Thiel is a relentlessly energetic, curious and driven man, whose entire career has taken into account the big picture while making him money along the way.

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Mastering Your To-Do List For Greater Productivity

20 Feb
February 20, 2017

It’s Monday morning and your weekly to-do list is already long enough to swallow up every hour between now and Friday. Your boss asks you to look at something else urgently, and then there’s your inbox. The to-do list, whether in digital or handwritten form, remains essential to daily productivity. So when things get busy, knowing how to plan and prioritise is crucial.

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3 Challenges Rural Entrepreneurs Face And How To Overcome Them

17 Feb
February 17, 2017

When we think of entrepreneurs, we think of bright lights and big cities like startup star San Francisco or, closer to home, slick Sydney. But there are entrepreneurs everywhere, including in regional areas and country towns around Australia and the world. These brave souls are facing a number of challenges over and above the usual risks – we take a look at some of the things that rural entrepreneurs have to overcome, and why it’s all worth it in the end.

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How The MBA Creates Modern Day Leaders

15 Feb
February 15, 2017

We often hear that leadership cannot be taught – according to some, it is the natural instinct of those who are ‘born to lead’. As a business school, we tend to disagree with this perception. While some are naturally more comfortable as leaders, we believe that it is a person’s experiences that shape their ability to effectively lead. We truly believe that the MBA creates modern day leaders through the unique experiences that it provides students – see the below points to understand how.

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AIB Featured Business Leader – Jan Koum

14 Feb
February 14, 2017

Ukrainian-American inventor, entrepreneur and computer programmer Jan Koum has a true ‘rags to riches’ business story. Born in 1976, he grew up in Ukraine before immigrating to the United States with his mother at the age of 16. The now co-founder and CEO of mobile messaging application WhatsApp lived in a government apartment with her, and took on a cleaning job to make ends meet. At the time, neither of them would have believed that in a matter of years, Koum’s company would be acquired by Facebook Inc. for a mere US$19 billion.  Read more →

Why You Should Put Ethics at the Centre of Your Management Strategy

13 Feb
February 13, 2017

When we think about management strategies, we think about encouraging teamwork, bringing out the best in our people and ensuring that we have good communication and clear goals. But there’s another element which should be baked in right from the start, and without it you’ll struggle to implement your other goals. That element is a code of ethics.

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