Why The Confidence Gained From The MBA Is Invaluable

05 Jul
July 5, 2017

An MBA is more than just a business degree; it’s an experience. While the MBA programme comprises of subjects relating to all key business functions, it is also praised for the skills and attributes students develop throughout. Strategic thinking, enhanced communication skills and increased confidence are some of the most underrated but highly valued skills acquired throughout the journey. In our recent Alumni Insights Survey, 67.3% of graduates reported that the MBA experience improved their strategy development skills, and 64.7% have experienced increased self-confidence. While confidence itself cannot be taught, knowledge often provides the validation needed to be assured. We explore the topic of confidence gained through the MBA below, explaining why it is such a valuable part of the experience.

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Importance Of A Support Network When Studying Online

05 Jul
July 5, 2017

When you elect to study online, you’re choosing a flexible option that can be adapted to suit your needs and commitments. With this level of flexibility comes a greater need to self-manage – from conducting proactive study sessions, to independently juggling deadlines and course requirements. During this experience, establishing and maintaining a strong support network is an essential component to success. This doesn’t just refer to student support, but also academic, personal and peer support – each of which play a vital role in assisting during your studies and are not to be overlooked. We map out the various support networks below, discussing their individual importance in the overall online study journey. Read more →

How Becoming a Mentor Can Benefit Your Career

04 Jul
July 4, 2017

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William Arthur Ward

Over the course of your career, you may be presented with the opportunity to be mentored or to become a mentor to someone else. If you do, consider yourself lucky – it can be one of the most beneficial and rewarding professional experiences. Mentoring is a relationship between two people that has the goal of both professional and personal development. While the focus is usually on how the mentee can grow, the partnership can be mutually beneficial, with many positive and often unexpected outcomes enjoyed by the mentor. Mentors who are willing to invest their time in developing someone more junior to them will not only feel personally rewarded, but also see some great tangible professional benefits. We delve into the topic below, exploring the top ways that becoming a mentor can benefit your career.

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Why Netflix Is The Ultimate Digital Disrupter

03 Jul
July 3, 2017

When it comes to success stories in business, we often hear how the adoption of new technologies was the key to significant growth. The phrase ‘innovate or die’ can come across as quite harsh, but in today’s competitive business world, it does have some merit. Over the last two decades, technology has completely changed the way we do business, seeing the collapse of some of the world’s most well known brands, and the rise of many that were not expected to succeed. 

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How Your Personal Brand and Business Brand Go Hand In Hand

03 Jul
July 3, 2017

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a mid-level manager or a busy freelancer, your personal brand can have an impact on your business brand. The way you’re perceived, both online and off, should be aligned with the values and voice of your business. Companies are recognising that the boundaries between the two are weakening, and are increasingly responding by putting guidelines into place that dictate how their employees should act on social media. There’s a limit to how much control they can exert on this behaviour, of course, but the message is clear: who you are reflects on your company, whether you own it or work for it. Here’s how. Read more →

AIB Featured Business Leader – Jonah Peretti

02 Jul
July 2, 2017

American internet entrepreneur Jonah Peretti describes himself as “a teacher, then a technologist, and then a maker of sharable things on the internet.” He also happens to be the co-founder and CEO of BuzzFeed, as well as a co-founder of The Huffington Post. He is a regular speaker on technology, activism and contagious media, and has advised a number of leading tech and media companies on their strategies. It’s clear that he is a strong strategist, but how did he get to his current power position? Learn about the career of Jonah Peretti below, and how under his leadership, BuzzFeed hopes to outlast the pack of online media.

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MBA or Specialised Masters – Which Is Best For You?

28 Jun
June 28, 2017

Chances are you’re reading this article as you’re interested in postgraduate education, which is a fantastic decision within itself. However, with so many options, it can be difficult to predict which programme will be best for you, your goals and ultimately your long-term career. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a highly valued business degree, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best choice for everyone. Both the MBA and a specialised Masters have their advantages, both offering the knowledge to progress your career greatly. But which option is best? We look at the facts below, considering the pros and cons to both options.

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AIB Featured Business Leader – Mike Cannon-Brookes

27 Jun
June 27, 2017

Ever heard of a CEO who happily invites the public to contact him directly via his company’s website? Meet Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian Software Systems – a successful Australian enterprise software company. If you’re not familiar with Atlassian itself, chances are you’ve heard of its big-name products such as Jira, HipChat and its most recent acquisition – Trello. Essentially, Atlassian’s programs aim to help organisations with the often-mundane tasks such as creating workflows, assigning jobs and writing lists. It describes itself as a company that “helps teams organise, discuss and complete shared work”, with more than 65,000 organisations – from NASA to Coca-Cola – using the software.  Read more →

The Challenges Managers Face with High Performing Employees

23 Jun
June 23, 2017

As a manager, you’ve likely been inundated with advice on how to hire high performing staff, motivate your employees to achieve more and counsel your less productive workers to bring them up to scratch. A team of high performers, however, brings its own unique challenges. Here are five challenges you may encounter with your high performing employees, along with some strategies for meeting those challenges head on. Read more →

The MBA Journey Without Prior Academic Experience

21 Jun
June 21, 2017

As the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a postgraduate qualification, traditionally a completed undergraduate degree was commonly required for entry. However, not every MBA candidate will have travelled the same path, and nor should they. Read more →