Dr. Mohtsham Saeed


Mohtsham is currently working as Lecturer-Management at AIB. He has vast amount of experience both in the Industry (6 Years) and Academia (11 Years).

Since completion of his PhD in the field of Strategic Management/IB from a leading European Business School i.e Innsbruck School of Management, (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Mohtsham had been working on various academic/administrative positions in a Large International University which also includes his role as Head - Department of Management at the said University.

His research interests include examining various situational and dispositional factors and their interactive effects on employee level outcomes and how these subsequently impact on the organisational performance. Mohtsham is an active researcher and has managed to publish more than 25 research papers in peer reviewed journals /Conference proceedings etc. Some part of his research work has also been included as book chapters in various Management/Leadership books published by renowned publishers from both Europe and USA.